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Take a look at these beautiful condos that will definitely light your fire!2018-05-04T19:46:00Z131c2174-b7f3-47be-9f32-c0ddd0640d03 has (almost) Sprung?It always snows at least once in April...2018-04-04T15:07:00Zf94c05ca-c231-4745-b793-7a6249c6cd46 16 news you can useWhy Selling Now is a Great Idea, Market Round Up, House of the Week2018-02-16T19:54:00Z081328b2-55a0-4385-96c4-81810cba48ee Update Week Ending Nov 17Current Insights, Trends, and Analysis of the Toronto Real Estate Market2017-11-25T14:13:00Z0ed3ce90-2155-4f75-aa09-cc348d92a759 HOME CHECKLIST!A few quick tips to keep you warm and dry this winter.2017-10-27T12:19:00Zb306da5d-a9ec-43f0-994c-8e0354329e51 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING MAY 19TH, 20172017-05-25T19:07:00Z3dd5238a-22db-48ef-ad5a-b6e441974111 Kingdom for your Horse?What to do when the Market changes quickly.2017-05-19T18:21:00Zb425c0cd-6976-4bec-90ec-fe7aa6b12c35 LIVING IN A RENTER'S PARADISEYou thought buying was hard? Try Renting!2016-08-25T18:23:00Zf107776f-ab99-47fa-a93c-fe88755e2775 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JULY 1ST, 2016It’s hard to believe that we’ve hit the half way point of 2016 already. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the start of the spring market. Ah, those were heady times, buyers sat patietly waiting for the impending influx of new listings to satisfy a hungry desire for a place to call home. Well, months later, many of those same buyers are still waiting. New listings barely trickled to the market causing more multiple offers than ever before, not just on houses but condos as well2016-07-05T15:29:00Z16e05f22-e4fb-4903-bf6a-bea3516cd6f2 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 29TH, 2016First we had Brexit and this week we have "schexit" also known as the last day of school (a unanimous vote to leave). For parents it means no more early morning rush to get the kids packed and out of the house. Traffic around the city gets a little lighter even with increased construction. But as we cruise into those hot summer months we have the opportunity to take a bit of a breather from our fast paced lives, take a trip out of town, enjoy some time sitting by the dock or under your favourite patio umbrella...unless you are trying to buy a house, in which case all bets are off. 2016-06-30T15:30:00Zbb800715-7268-4bcf-8a4b-9c95a83e88b7 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 16TH, 2016In real estate terms we call this time of the year the final push. It's that time for sellers to get into the market just before summer hits and thoughts turn to sipping beverages by the lake or taking the family on a summer adventure. Whatever your plans are, if you are a buyer, this is the time to consider getting into the market as new listings will tend to taper off over the next few months. 2016-06-18T15:33:00Z16dbdd6a-277c-4d1d-bd24-76f65a17bd1b UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 19TH, 2016Low interest rates, immigration, shortage of housing. These are the “go to” topics used to describe Toronto’s housing dilemma. Frankly we are starting to sound like a broken record these days. The truth is that while these are sources of a frustrating market, they don’t tell the full story of Toronto’s great housing success. Simple demographic shifts in population mean that over the next 20 years more and more people will be moving to cities and Toronto is one of the top destinations on the global stage. For the foreseeable future this could be the new normal.2016-06-17T15:31:00Zb4611a74-dac5-4363-9451-5a2344b0d1df UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING MAY 27TH, 2016The freehold market is once again feeling the pinch of tight supply. Consider that last year at this time, the downtown core had 476 available homes for sale. After ramping up at the beginning of the month, new listings have dropped by a marginal 2.5% to 316 while sales declined by nearly 73% (from 247 to 143 units). Most of this decline comes as a result of the recent long weekend; However, playoff fever has traditionally played a role in slower sales as well. With nearly 63% of homes selling at or above the list price it is clear that buyers are starting to adapt a more cautious attitude about entering into a multiple offer situation. 2016-05-31T15:32:00Zbb9471c0-874f-4c18-a878-9c8b9b48a5e9 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING MAY 13TH, 2016The freehold market recorded a solid 15.7% increase in new listings last week. Normally we would say that this was just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, that increase was overshadowed by a nearly 19% increase in sales with a strong 79% selling at or above the list price, the highest level in 2016 so far. The majority of the new listing activity came in the central core, while the hottest area for sales was in the east with nearly 87% of homes selling at or above the list price.2016-05-18T15:36:00Z16bbf462-4a89-4914-9f62-d02da059bfa9 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 29TH, 2016Toronto's real estate market is hotter than the release of the new Drake album. Our recommendation is to get used to the "new normal" of low interest rates and tight supply. In our opinion, strong fundamentals for continued growth in the housing and condominium sector across the Greater Golden Horseshoe will continue for some time. 2016-05-05T15:33:00Zba9133fb-389d-41fe-931d-54aa84bc9f9b UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 22ND, 2016Last week we reported that the number of new listings took a rather substantial dive. Well, this week listings are back up across the city by over 45% to 260 and are more in line with the previous few weeks. This is still well off the pace of last year`s 330 new listings. Not only is there a difference in the number of new listings but the makeup of those listings has changed dramatically too. Consider that we are recording a third fewer new listings in the entry level price range ($400k-$700k) 2016-04-27T15:39:00Zb0defb2a-10ce-494f-89f4-d9f2503c8f06 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 16TH, 2016The freehold sector produced some interesting revelations last week. While listings backed off by nearly 50%, sales across the 416 remained consistent with the previous week, as did the percentage of homes that sold over the asking price, 78%. Here are some interesting things we saw. First, four out of the ten homes sold in the $3M+ range in the central core had multiple offers. While that speaks directly to the health of the high-end market in the city, the entry level home ($400k-$700k) continues to be a challenge for first time buyers as 90% of homes sold in that range had multiple offers and sold over the asking price.2016-04-21T15:40:00Z1a0bbcd2-d222-4a43-97d6-3ae3db1fd265 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 8TH, 2016After languishing at historically low listing levels, the freehold market took an 18.4% gain with a total of 277 new homes listed in the downtown core last week. Unfortunately the increased choice did not calm buyers as sales climbed by a remarkable 40.4% with nearly 79% of homes selling at or above the list price. In the east core, there were more sales than listings while the west core actually recorded fewer new listings on the market but a weekly increase in sales. 2016-04-12T15:42:00Zef036c67-402c-43b3-a60c-bee957452e28 UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 1ST, 2016The date may say April 1st, but let us be clear...there is no joke about the Toronto real estate market. Hold tight, the spring market, the season of multiple offers , is upon us. Buying a property these days requires nerves of steel and a determined constitution. For the next few months media outlets will be sharing stories of stunning wins and colossal losses. Get ready for Toronto's own version of "Game of Homes".2016-04-05T15:44:00Z