Nicki Skinner


27 October 2017
Nicki Skinner

Fall Home Checklist - KEEP READING TO WIN!

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It’s time to take care of some basic home maintenance before the cold weather settles in.  I know I’m giving you a to-do list, but taking care of basic maintenance could prevent some very expensive repairs this winter and next spring! 

These are my top 3 fall tasks for safety and comfort: 

  1. Shut off the outside tap from the INSIDE SOURCE. Hopefully it’s easy to locate in the basement or inside wall near the outside tap.  Shut the source off, drain the tap and hose, then store the hose indoors so it doesn’t crack over the winter.  Water left in outside taps/pipes is the biggest cause of winter flooding and burst pipes!
  2. After the leaves have fallen, clean them from your gutters to prevent them from clogging.  Clogged gutters could cause flooding in the spring as well as damaged gutters when the ice swells and melts repeatedly. I have four $30 discount cards for Men-in-Kilts window and gutter cleaning. THE FIRST FOUR HOMEOWNERS TOJOIN MY LISTWILL WIN!   See all the services they offerhere
  3. Change the filter in your furnace and vacuum the vents before you turn on the heat to prevent the spread of dust and debris!  An inspection by a pro will also help prevent breakdowns during the worst weather.  And if you don’t clean the dryer vents regularly, do that as well!  Static build-up is worse in the winter and sparks cause fires.


Critter Patrol!

Mice can squeeze through tiny gaps. Walk the perimeter and block any access points.

Safety First!

Daylight savings is also the day to test smoke/carbon alarms and fire extinguishers.  Windows are shut tight in the winter, meaning CO2 can build up quickly if there is a leak.  Test all your safety devices.  And speaking of windows...

Leak Alert!

Now is the time to seal up any drafts around doors and windows.  Drafts not only make your home uncomfortable, they can cost a lot of money in wasted energy.  

Yard Duty!

Plant bulbs, trim trees, and wrap planters.  Dead branches can fall off during winter storms and cause severe damage. We've seen this once in Toronto already this fall!  And while you're outside, store the furniture, clean and cover the bbq, make sure your shovel is ready, and you have de-icer on hand.  

I think this list will keep you pretty busy for a weekend or two.... 

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