Nicki Skinner

Nicki strives to make sure all her clients are truly satisfied and to make their buying and selling experience as stress-free as possible. Her goal is to help you define what is the perfect home for you, and then get you into it, knowing that you have made the best decision possible.

After many years working on real estate and design programs for TV, Nicki realized she loved real estate more than TV and made the switch to Bosley as a full time Sales Representative. Nicki lives and breathes the downtown urban life, having owned properties in the Queen and King West areas, as well as a decade in Leslieville, and she’s watched as the neighbourhoods she loves have grown to become some of the most vibrant, creative and energizing areas of Toronto. She is passionate about great design, livable spaces, and connected neighbourhoods.

A dedicated cyclist, Nicki is often visible on the streets and bike paths that connect her to the parks, restaurants and galleries she loves to explore. She is also regularly involved with the city planning department, keeping up to date with all the new developments that are changing how we live downtown.

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